Our services include:

  • Preparing old floors by removing any existing floor coverings.
  • Disposing of any old floor coverings
  • Sanding and remove any existing finishes, Re-apply new finish
  • Sanding and finishing of new floors
  • Sanding and finishing Decks, Re-oiling your existing deck
  • Sanding and polishing timber stairs, Landings
  • Supply and install timber finishing trims around skirting board
  • We offer a repair service, both major and minor, all repairs are carried out by our licensed carpenter B/L No. 189117c

We use the highest quality finishes, including:

Solvent Borne
per month
  • Single pack Polyurethane
  • Moisture curd Polyurethane
Water Borne
per month
  • Polyurethane Acrylic
  • Polyurethane
Oil based
per month
  • Tung oil
  • Oil modifeld Urethanes


We only use the highest quality materials & the latest in dust control machinery.

Dust Minimisation

Dust has always been an issue in the floor sanding industry.

At Acclaimed we use the latest in dust free machinery our industry has to offer, and all of our sanding tools attach to dust extracting units. Our collection Bags for our big belt sanders are custom made and double stitched, however dust bags must breathe and therefore a very small amount of dust is always to be expected.

We suggest you seal cupboards and adjoining areas if possible. Before Appling the floor finish, we always dust window sills and the skirting prior to vacuuming. This ensures that air movement during drying time, does not cause dust to fall into the coat. The result is a very dust free area.

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Specialising in non-toxic Finishes

BonaBona has the right products to bring out the best in your timber floor. With Bona waterborne finishes, dangerous solvent-based finishes are a thing of the past. When you choose Bona non-toxic waterborne finishes it is not necessary to move out of your home and there is far less impact on the environment. Bona finishes provide excellent wear resistance, are non-yellowing and bring out the real beauty of timber flooring - without risking your health.