The Maintenance of timber floor finishes is often overlooked. The following maintenance guidelines should be observed with any timber floor.

Clean the floor regularly to prevent the build up of dirt and grit on the surface. Clean more frequently in high traffic areas.

Have mats both inside and outside external doors to trap grit and remove moisture from shoes.

Remove spills immediately and spot-clean the affected area using a floor cleaner and a soft cloth.

Consider having rugs in high traffic areas. These can add to the look of the room also reduce localized wear on the floor. Rugs should allow the floor to ‘breath’.

Install Timber floor guards on the base of furniture legs.

Avoid indentations in the floor. Common causes include stiletto heels and pet claws. Shoe heels should be kept in good repair and pet claws trimmed regularly.

Be aware that allowing the floor finish to wear too far may mean the floor has to be sanded back to bare timber and re-finished. It is best to renew the surface by over-coating before this point is reached to avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience.

In commercial situation, the use of a buffing machine with a tan pad should be considered in the maintenance program.