We can turn your tired old timber deck back into the fantastic entertaining area that it used to be.

We maintain timber decks exposed to the elements using environmentally friendly water based finishes or decking oils.

Australia has harsh weather conditions and without protecting the timber from the elements most timbers split or rot.

We provide a maintenance service to keep your deck in prime condition for many years.























We are regularly asked to stain wooden floors in a variety of colours

Presently the most popular timber floor stain colours are in Black Japan, Brown Japan and Walnut tones.

Feast Watson makes a comprehensive range of stains in the Proof Tint range. Theses timber stains are then added to a reducer base and the combination of the two is then applied onto the timber floor. Various colours and combination can be added to the reducer base and the individual colours can also be added to the reducer base in various percentages.

This enables a range of colours to be achieved and also allows for the strength or depth of colour to be varied, giving deep rich colours or lighter more transparent shades. Generally having been given a brief from the customer, we will make a variety of colour samples to assist you in your selection of colour. Then come the time to apply the floor stain coat, the customer has already seen the sample of what the polished timber floor will look like when finished. After the wooden floor is stained, three topcoats of floor finish are applied.

When properly treated and given a touch of TLC a staircase can become a show-stopping feature of any home.

Whether curved or vertical, stained or carpeted, we can make your stairs beautiful again the way they were meant to be.

As well as wonderfully aesthetically pleasing, a beautifully renovated wooden staircase is also hard wearing, practical and very easy to maintain.


Sanding and polishing a beautiful timber floor is a skill acquired over many years. Bear in mind that,as all the work is done by hand controlled machines and applicators,there will be evidence of this in the floor. Further as you live on the floor it will gain a character and feel that is unique to your home.This is all part of the beauty of owning a timber floor.

: Expert sanding and coating.

: Nails punched.

: Nails holes,knot holes and gaps at the end of boards to be filled with appropriate filler.

: A coating that will provide many years of beauty providing it is properly maintained.(Refer to maintenance web page).



: A completely dust free enviroment. Modern sanding machinery is fitted with dust collectiing equipment and we endeavour to clean dust away by vacuming and wipeing down surfaces. it is virtually impossible however to totally eliminate dust from the job site which has a couple of consequences.

       A. There will always be some dust particales that settle on the newly finished surface.

       B. There will be an amount of dust throughout the rest of the house.

: Removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the boards.

: Removal of stains from within the boards and around nail holes such as animal urine and water marks.

: Filling gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler.

: Do not expect boards damged by borer to have the same gloss level as those in good condition.

: Do not expect any areas filled with putty to have the same feel as the timber after application of coatings.



: 12 Volt downlights produce a cobweb affect on the coatings.

: You may get slight markings on skirting boards from contact with the Edger and Buffer. That is why it is recommended to leave painting on skirtings until after the floors are finished.

: Black Japan or stain around the perimeter of some older timber may produce a two tone effect.

: You are likely to get some variation in colour and grain between new and old boards.